Time to meet the Beast

I’ve told myself time and time again, “Just do it.” Get up and go. Run, jump rope, row. ANYTHING! I have the time, right? Other people have time… Other people with kids can do it. I must be doing something wrong. Finding too many excuses. Everyone I know continuously post progress updates on their health wins and here I am sucking at it. Here’s my problem:

I’m skinny.

At least that’s what everyone thinks. I’ve always said, “I’m one of the fat skinny ones.” You see, I’m not actually skinny at all. All my parts jiggle. A lot. People mistake my inherited short stature, ultra-petite FRAME for skinny-ness. It’s in the genes. But my jeans? They’re pudgy. My butt? I’ve lost it. There’s no actual transition from the apple bottom to my thighs. Now, they just kind of melt into each other. My back has the opposite problem — too many transitions.

To be honest, this isn’t about trying to lose weight (healthy weight gain is my work out goal) or prove that I’m just as awesome at time management as these other “#flexfriday #fitmoms.” Really, when it comes down to it, I’m just flat out unhealthy. I just had blood work done, and I’m not thrilled with the results. I know that if I want to be around for my kids, I’ve got to change. Yes, I know that anyone can die at any time, but if I can have control over SOMETHING then I’ve got to take the reins.

JG just bought Beachbody’s Body Beast and this time it’s different. I am gonna just do it. I am gonna find the measly 30 minutes to improve my health. I am gonna do everything I can to make sure I’m around for my kids and help set a healthy example for them.

2016-06-10 07.43.05

So, why now? Why is it different this time around? Well, having blood work as proof of my below average health is one thing. Another is now I have accountability. My weekly progress on this blog will let the world (or at least the few who read my blog ?) know whether I’m a fraud or not. I’m not willing to let my good Hale name go to the pits.

Unfortunately, I want my first rest day to be Saturday and the DVDs just came last night… Thursday. So this journey and before photos will have to wait just a few more days.

Stay tuned.

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