They can’t all be winners


Look at these beauties! Perfectly grown China Rose radishes. Not only gorgeous, but also delicious! Mild in flavor with a bit of spicy goodness. Great for fresh eating – sliced or diced – or dipped in hummus!

But that’s not what I harvested.


These are my China Rose radishes I picked yesterday. I laughed and cried at the same time. Yes, they have shamed me. Radishes are supposed to be easy. They are the vegetable of choice for teaching little children how to garden while providing as close to instant gratification as possible. Well, I must not be very teachable because my radishes were a fail. The soil composition must have been completely wrong for them. I did plant them in the strawberry box which is more acidic. Radishes like a pH around 6.0-7.0.

I decided to purchase more radish that are ready to harvest sooner than the China Rose variety. They’re growing in the same bed as the cucumbers, corn, and squash. We will see if they do better in that box. So far they look beautiful, but if they prove me wrong in a few more weeks…

Live and learn. Learning might just mean don’t grow my own radishes. 😅


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