Wooden growth chart

Last year, I was on a house call for work. While taking care of a pair of adorable twins I saw an amazing piece of art on the wall. Call me behind the times if you must but I’ve never seen anything like it before. You can guess it was a wooden growth chart, yeah?

I couldn’t help but ask the homeowner where she bought it. It was personalized with the family name on the side. After letting me know a friend made it for her, I knew what I had to do.

DIY, here I come!


That weekend I was off to Lowe’s and bought everything I would need… the wood, paint, tape, sandpaper, stain, and lacquer.


I used my dremel to round off the edges. I think it gives it a more finished look, plus this is for kids! No need to risk any sharp edges.


After that, I sanded the whole thing down, taped the measurement lines and painted away. It was a tedious process but it didn’t take too long.


Once that was squared away, I personalized the ruler at the top and lacquered it with 3 coats.

This past year I made two giant growth chart rulers. The first was for my niece’s first birthday.


The second was for my sissy, Sydney, for her Christmas present. Check her blog out @ Raising Southern Grace. She has the most gorgeous home and thought this would add to her current style nicely. Hope she agrees!


I love how they both turned out. Now, I just need to get off my butt and make one for my own kiddos! I think for my home I’m going to use the darker stain. What’s great about this project is you really only have to buy the materials once… aside from the board, of course.

BTW, this is a large project. The wood I purchased was 10″ X 6′. There were skinnier and shorter options, but I liked the heftier look.

2017 is definitely begging to be a crafty year.  Are you ready to decorate your own home with this beautiful piece?

Happy DIYing!