DIY: Hooded vest

2016-06-07 18.02.22

If you have read through my blog at all, then you know I have a beautiful niece named Grace. I made her a couple diaper cakes before she made her appearance last June.  You can see the traditional diaper cake and motorcycle cake here.

This time around, for her very special, very exciting 1st birthday, I decided to make her a hooded vest…upsized slightly so she can grow into it for the Fall. 😊🍁 This was the third vest I’ve made of this style. Hooded fleece vest with a fun lining.  The other two that I sewed up for my own kiddos were a double fleece layer along with the lining. My inspiration? Once Upon a Sewing Machine’s tutorial. There were a few things I wanted to change Continue reading

They can’t all be winners


Look at these beauties! Perfectly grown China Rose radishes. Not only gorgeous, but also delicious! Mild in flavor with a bit of spicy goodness. Great for fresh eating – sliced or diced – or dipped in hummus!

But that’s not what I harvested. Continue reading

A tiny garden victory


We’ve been harvesting our Eversweet everbearing strawberries this past week.  It has been such a treat to enjoy freshly picked berries from the garden. This was the first time I’ve grown strawberries and was quite surprised by how easy it was.  They are hardy little plants!

I was also surprised by how small they are. 😂🍓 The everbearing variety is apparently considerably smaller than the June bearers that are normally purchased at the Continue reading

Time to meet the Beast

I’ve told myself time and time again, “Just do it.” Get up and go. Run, jump rope, row. ANYTHING! I have the time, right? Other people have time… Other people with kids can do it. I must be doing something wrong. Finding too many excuses. Everyone I know continuously post progress updates on their health wins and here I am sucking at it. Here’s my problem:

I’m skinny.

At least that’s what everyone thinks. I’ve always said, “I’m one of the fat skinny ones.” You see, I’m not actually skinny at all. All my parts jiggle. A lot. People mistake my inherited short stature, ultra-petite FRAME for skinny-ness. It’s in the genes. But my  Continue reading

Let your light shine down


This spring has been nothing short of nasty. The bitter cold. The unwelcome snow. Not only has it been all around miserable, but the growing season has also been delayed. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The days will warm, the sun will shine, and eventually, the plants will grow. Continue reading

Repost: Migraine: More than just a headache


Anyone that suffers from migraines, or has even had just one, knows that they are nauseating, painful, and debilitating. They can render you absolutely helpless and hopeless. I can think back to the worst “headache” of my life, and it doesn’t come close to touching my migraines. Fortunately, I have great support to help me manage them. My sister is a neurologist specializing in headaches and this is her article. It was originally posted by Global Chatter Magazine. Here is a direct link to Migraine: More than “Just a headache”

Continue reading